Coach Dom 


Coach Dom, a retired Army Combat Veteran with an unwavering dedication to physical health and well-being, embodies over 15 years of unparalleled experience in the health and fitness industry. His qualifications are extensive and impressive, featuring 10 certifications that cover a wide array of disciplines in health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. His multifaceted expertise is a testament to his commitment to excellence in his field.

His Story


Military Experience: In his years of distinguished service with the United States Army, Coach Dom excelled in physically demanding environments, honing his skills as a Master Fitness Trainer. His leadership, resilience, and hands-on experience laid a robust foundation for his future career as a personal coach. His dedication to physical excellence in the military earned him recognition and awards, further driving his passion for personal fitness and well-being.

Professional Career: Upon retiring from military service, Coach Dom embarked on a professional journey that has seen him train men and women of all ages and fitness levels. His innovative and evidence-based approach emphasizes personalized training programs that cater to individual needs and goals. His tailored programs incorporate cutting-edge training techniques, dietary plans, and motivational strategies, providing a comprehensive approach to health and fitness.

Educational Background: Coach Dom's relentless pursuit of knowledge in his field is exemplified by his 10 certifications, which include various areas such as Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition Coaching, Weight Management, Rehabilitation Exercise, and more. He continues to engage with professional development opportunities to stay at the forefront of health and fitness trends and research.

Mission: Coach Dom's mission transcends the bounds of ordinary fitness coaching. His passion lies in reversing the escalating obesity epidemic that has plagued society for over 50 years. He recognizes the devastating effects of obesity on physical health, income, self-esteem, and overall well-being. To combat this, he integrates educational components on nutrition, lifestyle changes, and positive habits into his coaching, emphasizing long-term sustainability over quick fixes.

Community Engagement: His commitment to health extends beyond the gym and into the community. Coach Dom actively engages in local initiatives aimed at promoting health awareness, providing workshops, seminars, and volunteering his time for community fitness programs. His influence has reached schools, businesses, and local government institutions where he spreads the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Coach Dom's career is a beacon of dedication, expertise, and passion. His comprehensive approach to fitness, built upon a solid military background and extensive professional qualifications, makes him an influential figure in the fight against obesity and the pursuit of overall well-being. In choosing Coach Dom as a mentor, one does not merely gain a fitness trainer; they engage with an advocate for a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. His work transcends personal goals, aiming to change society's perspective on health and fitness, one client at a time.


Coach Taylor 


Coach Taylor,  is an esteemed Health and Fitness Coach, integrates her unique background in Neuroscience and Public Health into her work, offering specialized services for clients during pregnancy, postpartum, and those dealing with conditions such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypothyroidism, PCOS, and menopause. Her compassionate, science-driven approach makes her a respected figure in the field, and her dedication is evidenced by her lifelong commitment to healthcare and education.

Her Story


Educational Background: Taylor holds a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience, reflecting her fascination with the human brain and how it interacts with the body. She further refined her expertise with a Master's degree in Public Health, focusing her studies on health education, policy, and preventive measures. These academic credentials provide her with a profound understanding of the biological and social aspects of health and wellness.

Specializations: Her commitment to targeted healthcare is demonstrated by her emphasis on specialized populations. With a compassionate approach, Taylor addresses the unique challenges faced during pregnancy and postpartum periods and by individuals with various metabolic and hormonal conditions. Her evidence-based techniques are personalized to meet each client's specific needs, fostering health, and well-being.

Personal Journey: Taylor's personal transformation began with her discovery of strength training, thanks to Coach Dom. This newfound passion quickly became an essential part of her life, providing both physical and mental empowerment. Unexpectedly, her journey took a turn with the joyous arrival of motherhood. Taylor faced the challenges of her changing body with determination and embraced the opportunity to grow not only physically but also mentally.

After experiencing the profound impact of her physical transformation, Taylor recognized the intricate connection between mind and body, realizing that strength transcends the physical realm. It became the cornerstone of her philosophy, embodying a holistic approach to well-being that encompasses mental resilience, confidence, and self-acceptance.

Professional Approach: Now a proud wife and mother, Taylor combines her educational background, professional certifications, and personal life experience to guide others through similar transformations. Her methods go beyond traditional fitness coaching, including components of mental wellness, nutritional guidance, and supportive community-building.

Community Involvement: Taylor's dedication to health and wellness extends to her community, where she actively participates in seminars, workshops, and outreach programs. Her advocacy for women's health, especially regarding pregnancy and hormonal health, has made her a sought-after speaker and consultant.

Taylor's approach to health and fitness is a harmonious blend of science, empathy, and personal insight. Her qualifications, specializations, and transformative personal journey resonate with those seeking a compassionate guide in their path to wellness. Her unwavering commitment to helping others discover their strength‚ÄĒboth physical and mental‚ÄĒis an inspiring testament to her character and professionalism. In Taylor, clients find not only a skilled coach but also a partner in their journey toward self-discovery, empowerment, and optimal health.


Coach Gigi 


Coach Gigi, an accomplished Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Management Specialist, embodies a story of transformation that resonates with women from all walks of life. Having triumphed over her personal battle with weight loss, shedding 100 pounds, Gigi is now dedicated to helping others achieve similar success. Her empathetic approach and hands-on experience make her a sought-after professional in the weight loss and fitness industry.

Her Story


Personal Journey:
Gigi's weight loss journey was not a straightforward path. Facing the scale and the mirror, she endured multiple cycles of trial and error, setbacks, and self-discovery. Yet, she remained undaunted, driven by determination, persistence, and a commitment to bettering herself. The 3 pillars that guided her transformation became the core of her weight loss philosophy, intertwining mental fortitude, physical fitness, and balanced nutrition.

Professional Credentials:
As a certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Management Specialist, Gigi combines her professional training with her personal insights. Her programs are not one-size-fits-all solutions but are tailored to the individual needs and goals of her clients. She leverages her knowledge and experience to create achievable, sustainable weight loss plans that empower her clients to take control of their lives.

Understanding of Real-Life Challenges:
Gigi's personal and professional life as a wife, mother of two, and full-time corporate employee provides her with unique insight into the struggles faced by modern women. She knows firsthand the challenges of juggling family, career, self-care, and the quest for a healthy lifestyle. Her empathetic approach resonates with those who feel overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life, making her a relatable and approachable guide.

Holistic Approach:
Beyond mere weight loss, Gigi focuses on total well-being. Her philosophy emphasizes the importance of mental wellness, nutritional balance, and physical fitness. She recognizes that transformation is more than just shedding pounds; it's about building self-confidence, embracing a positive mindset, and fostering a life-long commitment to health.

Community Engagement:
Gigi's passion for helping others extends to her community involvement. She often leads workshops and seminars aimed at empowering women, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and providing practical tips for managing weight. Her story inspires many, and her authentic, down-to-earth personality makes her a powerful advocate for positive change.

Gigi's transformative journey from personal struggle to professional success serves as an inspiration to all who seek to change their lives for the better. Her tailored approach, compassionate guidance, and practical wisdom make her an invaluable asset to those on their own weight loss journeys. Gigi's commitment to her clients goes beyond mere professional responsibility; it's a heartfelt mission to help others achieve the happiness and health she has found. In her story and her work, one finds the true embodiment of resilience, empowerment, and human potential.


Coach Mal 


Coach Mal, a certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Management Specialist, embodies a refreshing blend of professional expertise, personal resilience, and the laid-back energy of the Californian lifestyle. Known for her vibrant personality and commitment to leading by example, Mallory has become a trusted guide for those seeking not only physical transformation but mental and emotional well-being.

Her Story


Professional Philosophy:
Mallory's approach as a Coach extends beyond the conventional realms of weight loss and fitness. She emphasizes the mental and emotional benefits of exercise and nutrition, understanding that health is a holistic journey encompassing body, mind, and spirit. Her ability to relate to her clients' struggles and provide empathetic support sets her apart in her field.

Personal Transformation:
Mallory's own journey towards wellness began during a challenging period marked by loss, depression, and high-stress work commitments. Finding herself trapped in a cycle of unhealthy eating and emotional turmoil, a wake-up call about her health became the catalyst for profound change. With determination and self-reflection, Mallory embraced exercise and nutrition not merely as tools for physical improvement but as means to master her emotions, overcome food addiction, and rebuild her life.

Cali Vibes:
Reflective of her Californian roots, Mallory infuses her coaching with a relaxed and positive energy that resonates with her clients. This "Cali vibe" translates into an approach that is supportive, encouraging, and centered around enjoying the journey towards health and wellness.

Passions and Interests:
Mallory's love for colorful cooking, reading, writing, and strength training contributes to her holistic perspective on wellness. These interests not only shape her lifestyle but also enrich her coaching, providing her clients with creative meal planning ideas, motivational insights, and a balanced approach to building strength.

Community Impact:
Mallory's success in transforming her own life fuels her passion to help others facing similar challenges. Her work extends into community workshops, group fitness classes, and motivational speaking engagements where she shares her story and the transformative power of mindful living.

Mallory's unique blend of professional knowledge, personal triumph, and vibrant personality make her an inspiring figure in the health and wellness industry. Her commitment to sharing the emotional and mental benefits of a healthy lifestyle resonates deeply with those seeking more than mere physical transformation. In Mallory, clients find a compassionate coach, an empathetic friend, and a relentless advocate for their well-being. Her passion for life, her empathy, and her distinctive "Cali vibes" inspire all who cross her path to embrace a life of vibrant health, emotional strength, and unapologetic joy. Her work is a beautiful testament to the transformative power of empathy, resilience, and passion.

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